How to generate money with Ai

1. The Ai technology

To make money with Ai the first step is the most important one. There are hundreds of different Ai technologies, with which you can make money. But it is absolutely necessary to find the one that fits perfectly for you. In the following paragraphs, I will explain to you different Ai programs and how you can use them to generate monthly income with very little work.


CopyAi is a copywriting Ai engine. For those of you who are not sure if you know what copywriting here is a short explanation: Copywriting is the act of writing the text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing communication. Its goal is to persuade the reader or listener to take a particular action, such as buying a product or service.

Maybe you think now, how should I make money with that? This is a good question. If you think about it, there are thousands of companies out there that all want to sell their products to people on the Internet. And that’s the point where you come in. To advertise a product the texts, which describes them, have to be perfect. So they will rather pay a few dollars than just write a bad text. You can now make a profile on Fiverr or another freelancing network and write perfect product descriptions with CopyAi. They are willing to pay for it and with the Time you will learn how CopyAi works the best for you. CopyAi is an Ai software that is made for copywriting. The premium plan, which you will need because the Free version allows you to write only 2000 words, which isn’t enough, costs 36$/Mo. You may think now this is pretty much, but you can sell one copywriting gig for easily 30$ and you will be one of the cheapest on the market, which will bring you many sales. So if you make more than two sales per month, you are in profit. But if you haven’t many customers at the beginning, don’t be depressed. It takes a little time, but after a few months, you will easily make over 300$ per week, which doesn’t sound much, but you don’t have any work to do for it, don’t forget that this is still 1200$ monthly which you will get for free.

Jasper Ai

Another way to use Ai for making money is by writing a blog, such as this one. Maybe you think now, how should I make money by writing articles? I want to show you two ways how you can make money with it.

  1. Writing Articles for others:
    • There are thousands of blogs out there. Many owners of blogs don’t have enough time to write articles. Just like the first strategy I showed you, you will have to make yourself an account on Fiverr or another freelancing platform. You can use Jasper Ai for writing articles about every topic. Jasper Ai has good pricing. You pay between 30-50$ per month, if you need more words, you will pay more, but that will only be the case if you have many assignments, and through that, you will pay more but also earn much more, so you can’t lose. Maybe you think now you don’t have to pay for the Ai and just use ChatGpt, but everybody knows about ChatGpt and the articles written by it aren’t really good. But if you will use Jasper Ai you get really high-quality articles that will sell perfectly.

2. Start your own blog:

Blogging has become a popular way for people to share their ideas, interests, and expertise with the world. However, many bloggers struggle to monetize their content and turn their passion into a sustainable income. One effective way to make money with your blog is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing involves promoting other people’s products or services and earning a commission for each sale that is made through your unique affiliate link. To get started, you will need to find affiliate programs that are relevant to your niche and audience. Look for products or services that you genuinely believe in and that align with the interests of your readers.

Once you have found suitable affiliate programs, you can start incorporating affiliate links into your blog content. And the rest is the same strategy as the first one, use Jasper Ai to write your articles, through that you will have a solid passive income just by letting a machine write articles for you.

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